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Beaufort summer


Considered as the «Prince des Gruyères», this raw cow milk cheese with cooked pressed dough, offers you a fruity fragrance accompanied by a very nice nutty taste. Savoyard cheese, the Beaufort is a firm paste of ivory to pale yellow color, covered with a smooth rind of an orange yellow color. It remains a cheese with a typical taste without being strong.


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Often used for Savoyard cuisine, the Beaufort d'Alpage will give you a fruity flavor and creaminess that will delight your taste buds. It can be served with a fatty white wine or a fruity red accompanied by a quince jam with sweet spices.

The Beaufort is a French AOC cheese, its geographical area of manufacture covers the valleys of the Tarentaise, the Maurienne and part of the Val d'Arly. It is characterised by large areas of alpine pasture identical to those of the Isère and Haute-Savoie.

Milk for the production of Beaufort comes from two breeds of cattle: Tarines and Abondance. These cows populate the alpine pastures for the summer period, they present flowers and grass of quality which makes the cheese its refined flavors. These slightly concave heel wheels, measuring 35 to 75cm in diameter and 11 to 16cm in height and weighing between 20 to 50kg, offer a well-oiled yellow paste full of flavour in summer, and a lighter paste with less pronounced aromas in winter.

When maturing in a wet and fresh cellar, fine grooves can run through the grinding wheel and show small holes. With a taste of exceptional delicacy, sweet, fruity and salty with floral aromas, the Beaufort is a flagship product of Savoyard cuisine, it is succulent at the end of the meal but also as an aperitif.